Mar-1970 Exclusive distribution agreement for the distribution of Mary Quant cosmetics in Japan officially signed with Mary Quant Cosmetics Ltd., UK, and Gala Cosmetics International Ltd.

Mary Quant Cosmetics Japan Ltd. established.
Headquarters opened in Roppongi in Tokyo's Minato Ward, with a branch in Awaza in Nishi Ward, Osaka.

Mar-1971 Begin selling Prescribed Skincare and makeup products mainly in specialist fashion and department stores.
Sep-1972 Special Recipe goes on sale (five skincare and six makeup products).
Mary Quant comes to Japan for the first time for the launch.
Jun-1976 Headquarters move from Roppongi in Minato Ward to Shibuya in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.
Jun-1977 Skin Programme goes on sale.
Mary Quant comes to Japan for the second time for the launch.
Oct-1980 Prescribed Skincare launched.
Sep-1982 Mary Quant comes to Japan for the third time for launch of new Lipstick and Nail Polish.
Jan-1983 Mary Quant Japan Ltd. established.
Licence for fashion goods obtained through agreement with Mary Quant Ltd., UK.
Sep-1983 Begin sale of fashion goods
Aug-1984 Eye Opener eye shadows launched.
Apr-1987 Lip Mix lip colours launched.
Sep-1991 Body Series launched.
White Line launched.
Oct-1991 Begin participating in management of Mary Quant Ltd., UK, following purchase of shares.
Mar-1993 Obtain global rights for Mary Quant cosmetics.
Mar-1994 London branch established: Mary Quant Europe.
Jun-1994 London store opens.
Sep-1994 New Lipstick and Nail Polish go on sale.
Sep-2000 Special Recipe relaunched.
Sep-2001 Skin Programme II launched.
May-2002 White Line relaunched as a quasi-drug.
Sep-2002 Prescribed Skincare relaunched.
Sep-2003 New Lipstick and Nail Polish go on sale.
Sep-2004 Raise Up launched.
Sep-2005 Two new products added to the Raise Up range.
Apr-2006 Special Recipe Body Care Series launched to replace Body Series.
Sep-2006 Special Recipe relaunched.
Feb-2007 Eye Opener relaunched.
Mar-2007 Skin Programme relaunched.
Sep-2007 Magic Rite launched.
Feb-2008 Lip Mix relaunched.
Mar-2009 White Siege launched to replace White Line.
Nov-2009 London store moves to Kings Road, Chelsea, the birthplace of Bazaar.
Jan-2010 Shanghai store opens. Birth of new brand, grace mary.
Feb-2010 New Lipstick and Nail Polish go on sale.
Sep-2010 Prescribed Skincare launched as a quasi-drug.
Nov-2011 Mary Quant Cosmetics Ltd. established.
Feb-2012 Business operations of Mary Quant Cosmetics Japan Ltd. taken over by new company Mary Quant Cosmetics Ltd.
Mar-2013 Body icon launched to replace Special Recipe Body Care Series.
Mar-2014 Step Right Up launched.
Sep-2017 BASIC Prescribed Skincare launched.
Sep-2018 QUANT by MARY QUANT launched.
Feb-2019 Lipstick relaunched.
Feb-2020 Eye Opener relaunched.
Aug-2021 Lip Mix relaunched.