MARY QUANT's SDGs Initiatives

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs initiatives)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)are a set of goals that were decided in the September 2015 United Nations summit and are the global aims for the years 2016-2030. These aims, which are for all countries including developed nations, comprise 17 goals and 169 targets which aim to tackle inequality, developing sustainable consumption and production, and tackling climate change.

Company activities and efforts towards the SDGs

MARY QUANT aims to work towards a more sustainable society through our business activities.

Product Planning

・Strive for high quality products and safe ingredients
・Choose materials and ingredients which are considerate towards the environment
・Uphold CITIES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)
・Uphold laws around recycling of product containers and packaging


・Strive to optimize distribution
・Strive for efficient transportation
・Reduce waste of raw materials and reduce disposal of products


・Thorough training on compliance and harassment
・Implementing training on business manners
・Training for sales staff and supervisory staff
・An exam based rank system for sales staff and supervisory staff
・In-house company awards


・Strive for customer satisfaction in our products and services
・Selecting packaging materials which are considerate of the environment
・Promote the use of reusable bags
・Implement energy efficient lighting

Management of the Organization

・Striving to improve our way of working
・Improve work environments so they are safe and sanitary
・Encourage the maintenance of our staff's physical and mental health
・Support for parents and carers and support the employment of people with disabilities
・Encourage the employment of women in managerial positions(Maintain over 70%)
・Support system for obtaining qualifications