Mary Quant Cosmetics Limited owns all the rights to British brand MARY QUANT and all its products.
The MARY QUANT brand concept is being positively promoted not just in Japan but also internationally, while always keeping to our founder Mary's spirit of freedom and individuality.

Mary Quant Cosmetics shares the Mary Quant brand with the world

We believe human connections are the most important aspect of management. Our employees and business partners are all connected, and share our main objective of continually supplying high quality products and services that give our customers the freedom to be themselves.
We want the quality of our company to shine like a diamond, so that employees feel their work is worthwhile and enriches their lives, and every single employee is glad they work for us and wants to go on working for us.

Brand concept

Be free, be yourself

Forget all the rules. Follow your heart and express who you are. Our brand concept reflects Dame Mary Quant, whose ethos created a cultural movement, and her ability to overflow with curiosity and individuality.
For those who don't want to be tied down to their era's norms. For those who want to shine brighter than ever before. From the products we sell to our offered services, by taking to heart our motto of providing high quality products whilst keeping a sense of playfulness, we will continue to provide creativity and innovation.