Mary Quant exhibition open in Edinburgh, Scotland

INFORMATION 2020.08.11

DovecotMidCenturyModern_WebBannerImage.jpgMid-Century Modern Dovecot Studios 2020. Image Stuart Armitt_15.jpg

This year, 65 years after founding the brand and 50 years after launching in Japan, an exhibition showcasing the history of founder Mary Quant is being held in Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh.
The exhibition, Mid-Century Modern Art Design from Conran to Quant, showcases the fashion, design and art of Chelsea, London from 1955 to 1977.
The exhibition highlights the importance of young artists to society and the economy and exhibits work from several artists including Mary Quant who was active as a fashion creator during the period.

Exhibition Ends 9th January 2021

Venue:Dovecot Studios (Edinburgh, Scotland)

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